Fun Facts!

-- Our DC characters:

       Harley Quinn

       Poison Ivy
       Green Arrow
       Black Canary
       Alfred (female version)

       Commissioner Gordon
       Gotham CIty Cop
And more on the way (Flash, Huntress, and more)!

-- 5 of our members are actors outside United Underworld.

-- 2 of our members are trained in martial arts.

-- Our costumes are all hand constructed, most based on dancewear and then custom modified. Some, like Harley Quinn's suit, are fully original.

-- We have attended 3 San Diego Comic Con
s and are about to go to our 4th San Francisco WonderCon!

-- 4 of our members have taught a course on Batman at the University of California at Berkeley, starting in Fall 2005 and still going strong!

-- We have the only female Alfred in existence - as far as we know!

-- Several of us are also part of a Marvel group called Xcelsior!. Harley Quinn is famous for her female Captain America; Catwoman is also Psylocke and Domino, Batgirl/Black Canary is also Polaris and Black Cat, and Green Arrow/Commissioner Gordon is also Chamber and Nightcrawler.

-- Other costumes our members have made include Poison Ivy's Death from the Sandman series and Catwoman's Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. Batgirl/Black Canary has several other costumes, including Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Guinevere from the movie King Arthur. Several of us also have Jedi costumes, which are a blast at birthday parties!

-- 2 of our members have been featured as's Cosplay Girl of the Month. Harley Quinn (LTC America) was May 2009 and Batgirl/Black Canary (Roxana Meta) was February 2010!