Member Profiles

Batman is the freakin' Dark Knight.

The Joker was raised in Santa Cruz, California and later moved to attend college at UC Berkeley, where he was brainwashed by crazy hippies. Eventually, he was forced to graduate with a degree in History and in Film Studies, as well as a minor in theater. His affection for pllaying characters and wearing costumes has come in handy for his film-making and theater work, but for some reason he is always the one who gets beat up mercilessly/is certifiably insane. When not getting his lights punched out or cackling maniacally, he plays drums for a local rock band..

Harley Quinn is actually Captain America in disguise. You'd never guess, would you? She currently teaches the Batman class at UC Berkeley with Poison Ivy, and will graduate in 2010. She likes gaming, hide and seek, and explosives. You can find her at

Poison Ivy is an Integrative Biology (Botany emphasis) and Art Practice double major at UC Berkeley, and has enjoyed the privilege of teaching the Batman as American Mythology DECal for three unforgettable years. She finds great pleasure in bicycles, cats, tattoos, fine cheeses, travel, costumes, independent films, obscurities, thrift stores and garage sales, dancing and losing one's self in a really good read. She's one classy babe.

Catwoman graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007. Nowadays she stays occupied by playing with dogs, surfing with her longboard Jim, watching "The Office", and - of course - making costumes. Alter egos include Psylocke, Domino, and, naturally, Zapp Brannigan. Her Catwoman outfit debuted in 2005 and yes, she does know how to crack that whip.

Batgirl/Black Canary
has been a costume fanatic for as long as she can remember. But the comic world is a relatively recent conquest for her - nowadays she is also known as Polaris from the X-Men and Black Cat from the Spider-Man comics, among others. She likes guinea pigs, cupcakes, and things that are horse-shaped. You can find her at and

Commissioner Gordon/Green Arrow is fortunate enough to be a lot like Ollie Queen: crotchety, with a penchant for archery and green clothing. He also likes cold root beer and warm banana bread. When a character with facial hair crops up, he looks forward to the inevitable phone call.

The Gotham City Cop is also our female Alfred. She is a costume designer, so we will be seeing many more interesting things from her in the future!

Scarecrow, a Berkeley graduate with a psychology degree, runs a real risk of ACTUALLY becoming the Scarecrow. He is pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology, plans to be a therapist, and currently works at a suicide-prevention phone line. Undoubtedly, he already knows a thousand ways to mess you up in the head.